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When should you choose instructor led classroom training for your employees?

Trainings are a continuous learning process and as a company, you can use different method to train your team including e-learning and classroom training. Easily accessible technology, on the move workforce, time preferences and lesser costs have pushed e-learning into preferable method of learning. However, there are still number of cases which require in-class learning experience for your employees.

Confidential Training’s

While e-learning provides convenience where a learner can learn from anywhere, anytime, confidential training’s works best if the instructor and students are present face-to-face. Instructor can train your employees with reduced chances of any leakage.

Product Training

If your company’s products are physical, it is very much necessary that your employees spend some time using the products and familiarizing them.

Time Sensitive Team Training’s

Some trainings work best if the team are at same location. Classroom trainings can have team building activities as part of the training hence such trainings are very critical in team building experience

Instructor Led Training

Although instructor led training can also be done by using e-learning software like GoToMeeting, Zoom etc in combination with LMS software, face-to-face training can increase the chances of successful completion as instructors are able to judge learners ability by observing non-verbal cues.

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