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Learning Solutions to Solve Business Problems

With the right learning strategy in place, you can enrich your resources to perform at an optimum level at all times. Are you looking for e-learning professionals who can help you with corporate or K-12 e-learning solutions? You have come to the right place!

At ZISPL, we aim to partner with you to develop customized learning strategies effectively using a bouquet of content development services from K-12 to corporate learning to assessments and manuals/help files.

Our localization/translation services will help you reach your target audience all over the world. We provide professional video shoot services and voiceovers in multiple languages.


What we Create

At ZISPL, we create our eLearning courses according to the needs of our customers. Our customers find our projects cost-effective and tactical for their use. Our constant thought is to make the process of learning exciting and engaging for learners.


Everyone loves games… So, why not put that in learning? That is exactly what we do in Game-Based Learning. Game-based training comprises a make-believe world and the imaginative component which engages users. They keep playing till they get their perfect score unlike when they read books and feel sleepy.


An E-Book or an Electronic Book, it can be used in almost all interactive electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning focuses on learning with mobile devices like Mobile Phones, Tablets, iPads, etc. It makes learning more portable. Moreover, it covers a wide range of learners as there is a higher proportion of people owning a mobile than a personal computer.

Custom eLearning

Custom eLearning has been leading the training industry for long. It might seem that pre-built eLearning courses are cost-effective as compared to the customized ones. However, companies are trusting customized courses, and ZISPL is your answer to ideal eLearning solutions.


Whether you are starting a new business or heading a corporate, you know how important it is to keep learning, for you as well as your employees. But you can’t do it all, can you? And that’s why you need professionals to do the hard work for you while you enjoy the benefits.

So, you maybe looking for specialized content development, and for that you need experts! Be it technical documentation or creative content for learning and development, our team can collaborate with you to provide out-of-the-box solutions.

The zKonsult team has a combined experience of over a decade in the field of content development. We work with empathy to understand your pain point, to come up with innovative solutions to your business problems.

Tell us about your content development requirements, and we will connect and collaborate with you by sharing our expert services.

Our Capabilities

Putting our focus on
changing the way
of e-Learning.

Learning Solutions
High-End User Interfaces
Application - Based Deliveries
HTML5 - Based Application And Deliveries
Complex Simulations
2D and 3D Animation
High - End Video
Motion Graphics

K-12 Content

Our design experts are ready to be at your service with customized solutions for K-12 content requirements.

Corporate Learning

  • Corporates these days are aware of the advantages of training employees on a regular basis.
  • However, when it comes to the nitty-gritty of creating a learning solutions that meets adult learning requirements, it’s not on the to-do list of a corporate leader.
  • You focus on your business, while we provide a comprehensive solution for corporate training needs.
  • ZISPL is at your service with customized instructional design solutions. Our team of professional instructional designers and graphics designers are
  • well-versed in adult learning concepts and trends.
  • We employ the latest technology to design solutions that would meet the learning needs of your employees.
  • With 25+ years of experience in corporate learning, we know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Our professionals will work in close coordination with your internal team to deliver the best possible solutions within the outlined budget.


Assessing employees is not an easy task as any HR department would tell. Your employees may be resistant to assessments or may not take them seriously! And what do you do if your star performers flunk assessment tests?

Planned and interesting assessments will open up a world of possibilities for your employees. The right assessment at the right time is what you need. The best part is that you do not have to depend on your internal team to create and conduct assessments. There are professionals to do this job! Read on how! ZISPL’s assessment solutions are engaging with proven results.

Whether you aim to achieve transformation at work, acquire the best talent, or develop and retain your current employees; our skilled instructional designers will help you achieve your business goals through detailed assessment designs. We use the best of psychometric advancements and online assessments so that your business can enjoy improved performance, reduced time-to-hire, increased profit, and increased employee retention.

Connect with us for a discussion to learn how we can partner with your team to define, align, and transform your people strategies. Boost your talent strategy today!

Manuals and Help / User Files

When was the last time you read any manual? Didn’t we hear that no one reads them, ever? Well manuals and help files are the little helpers we get free when we buy a product.

And sometimes, you just can’t use a product without reading its manual! Technical professionals who want to learn about the advanced features of a product often depend on user guides and admin guides. We so need them in our lives, especially when we are stuck with a problem regarding a product!

If you are the creator of a technical product, you may not focus on creating the user manual yourself as you want to focus on the product development. Technical documentation, however, needs to be professional so that it can convey the right meaning to the users of that document. Correct use of language and user-friendly way of presenting the content is a basic requirement of any manual or user guide. And trust us, technical documentation is extremely tedious!

Technical documentation needs a lot of accuracy to be effective for users. So, the best solution would be to leave it in the hands of experts! At ZISPL, we have a team of help-authoring specialists who work in close collaboration with our clients to create software manuals, help files, and user guides.

We focus on simplifying documentation so that it is easy to understand and can be maintained effortlessly. We can analyze your technical documentation needs to suggest the help format that would suit your requirements.

Whether you need a hard copy or web help, PDF file, or help videos, our technical documentation specialists are at your service with the solutions that best suit your needs.

Localization / Translation

Do you want to increase the reach of your content to a worldwide audience? Localization and translation of your content can help your business achieve this goal.

But imagine that you need your content to be accessible to people across the globe in 30 international languages. Now, you need to hire 30 foreign language experts to get the content translated and perhaps even get it localized. You need to coordinate with them, negotiate the price and delivery timelines, and get the content checked for accuracy. That’s a lot on your plate!

Here’s a simple solution! Just let us know about your localization and translation needs, and we’ll get it done for you, minus the hassle!

At ZISPL, we provide localization and translation services for e-learning courses, videos, apps, computer software, and lots more.

With our services, you do not have to worry about hiring and coordinating with multiple language translators. We’ll do all these tasks for you and deliver your content error free in the international languages of your choice. Your business will reap the benefits while we do all the hard work. Interested to know how?

Talk to our business representatives today!

Video Shoot and Voice Overs

Let’s see what’s happening today at ABC Ltd

Ursula’s boss has asked her to shoot a professional video of employees talking about the importance of their job role. But no one is free for the video shoot, besides Ursula is trying to shoot the video on her personal handheld video camera. And there’s a lot of background noise while she’s trying to record. Ah! We all know the challenges of video shoots and voice over recordings. If you want the best results, hire professionals!

Trust the ZISPL team to provide you

with top-quality video shoots and voice overs. We have a list of satisfied clients from Corporates to K-12. We have a pool of native voice over artists to cater to multilingual voice needs.

Anyone can shoot a video by using their

smartphone cameras and record voice over, but when it comes to making an impact on the customer, just “anyone” won’t do! You have a lot at stake when it comes to your business. Your video and voice over requirements should be in professional hands. Well, Ursula learned that the hard way!

Learning and Development

As the learning and development scenario evolves, are you ready to take on the challenge by creating a learning culture in your organization? Most companies are stuck with age-old classroom training’s with boring presentations and practically nothing to hook on the learner. Besides, it is lot of work!

Why outsource L&D to us? At ZISPL, we help you plan, initiate, and manage learning and development programs for your staff. More so in an engaging manner! The focus of our work is to create a culture of learning so that everyone enjoys it as a journey instead of a one-time event. We can help you manage the learning and development in your company while keeping your business goals in mind.

Contact our business representatives today to find out more about our L&D support services.

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