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10-Step Guide to Improve Employee Satisfaction

Do you feel your employees are unhappy on the job? Are they dissatisfied with the paycheck? Do you always have to push them to do the work?

Your organization is facing major employee dissatisfaction problems.

An employee should have a committed relationship with the organization, and this could only be achieved through employee satisfaction.

According to research, employees who work in a high-trust work environment and feel cared for experience a higher level of employee satisfaction, which motivates them to serve customers better, resulting in higher revenue growth. So, as Doug Conant says, “To win the marketplace you must win the workplace.”

To be in a win-win situation, we have chalked out a 10-step guide to help you improve employee satisfaction at your workplace:

  1. Set realistic goals: Anxiety is common among employees, which is a result of work pressure and expectations. When an employee is unable to deliver what is expected, it results in employee dissatisfaction. Almost impossible to reach goals and targets are also a common root cause of employee dissatisfaction. To curb this issue, try to set short-term achievable goals, which solves the dual purpose of employee motivation and employee satisfaction.
  1. Address employee’s problems: Employees feel connected when they feel that they are cared for. Address the problems of employees quickly. Empathy and a positive attitude are the qualities that an employee looks for while describing their problem to their seniors. This will not only boost employee’s morale but will also help in building a better relationship by winning their trust.
  1. Be open to suggestions: Always adopt an open door policy wherein any employee can come up unhesitatingly with new ideas, innovation, new strategies, etc. It helps make an employee feel satisfied and valuable. They feel important when their suggestions are welcomed.
  1. Provide feedback: If you want your employees to be the best and don’t want them to treat their work as a burden, provide timely feedback. This will help them to improve their performance, resulting in employee satisfaction.
  1. Recognition and reward: An employee is always thirsty for recognition and reward. So, whenever any employee performs well, please take care to appreciate them. A single certificate won’t cost you much, but it will be something invaluable for the employee. See their productivity reaching a level-up with minimal effort at your end.
  1. Training and development: Investment in upskilling an employee can never go in vain. In fact, this makes them feel motivated and satisfied when they know their organization is investing in them to improve their skills.
  1. Don’t manage them, just lead them: Don’t be an old-school boss who always nags and shouts. Don’t just throw tantrums and order them to work. Be a gentleman, and if your employee is unable to do the assigned tasks, just make them learn by teaching them yourself. And voila! You turn into a coach now! A coach never plays, just leads the team by explaining the game to them.
  1. An outing would be an add-on: Just working in a monotonous routine can decrease productivity and will hamper employee satisfaction. Thus, once in a while, plan an outing or maybe lunch to break the routine. This will not only help in bringing freshness to the routine but will help in fostering better relationships.
  1. Flexibility: In an era where millennials are capturing the bigger part of the employee base, employers must adopt a flexible work environment. Allow work from home where necessary. Provide flexible shifts, where possible.
  1. Career Development Plan: A robust career development plan with timely promotions is a popular way to motivate employees. When you let your employees step up a ladder, it helps them to visualize their career path, goals, and role, motivating them to achieve more for the organization.

Follow these tried and tested steps to increase employee satisfaction in your organization. “Always remember when employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors.” – James Sinegal

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