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How eLearning is Evolving?

Computers have changed the way we learn things. Internet brought the knowledge of the whole world to us. While e-learning content is available since the invention of computers and CD-ROMs, people started getting accustomed to e-learning after internet access became faster and cheaper. With mobile phones, e-learning has taken a giant leap as everyone is able to learn something on their personal mobile device at their own time and pace. Let’s take a dive into the world of e-learning and explore how it has evolved.


Initially, e-learning preliminary was done using reading websites and tutorials. There was no mechanism to engage in real-time with the instructor who created the website.

Comments / Forums

Comments and forums allowed engagement and group discussions which made learning process faster and easier. However, credibility and authenticity of content remained doubtful. Hence, selection of instructor remains crucial.

Learning Management Software

Learning Management Software (LMS) allows students/users to engage in real time with teachers or instructors. LMS brought discipline to learning process and instructors began to organize their course material using LMS. LMS complimented real in-class trainings as instructors began providing supplemented materials on LMS for students to study.

Quiz / Assessment Modules

Online assessment modules brought another revolution to e-learning as instructors are now able to grade students. Students can also take self-assessment tests to measure their potential.

Videos and Multimedia

Flash- based content and videos brought another revolution in e-learning. In the first stage, videos were getting distributed by CD-ROMs. Flash based assessment programs and games became popular.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality-based, or VR- based, learning material provides immersive experience. Not only mobile phones are able to showcase content developed for virtual experience, but also the VR viewing hardware devices have also become cheaper. It gives users an opportunity to test themselves in true to life situations. They can also improve their skills without fear of failing and trailing behind.

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