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Application Development

Application development is the process of gathering business requirements, designing, prototyping, coding, testing and ongoing improvements and debugging of software.

An effective application development environment enables an organization to be adaptive through robust architectures, process transformation and innovation. It provides a robust ROI, justifying IT investments.

Software / Application Customization, Implementation,
Configuration and Integration

Basic enterprise software customization allows customers to tweak software to the operational needs of the organization. This might involve setting the software for specific data throughput rates, provisioning the software to support a particular size of user base and deciding how much storage or how many big data analytics ‘calls’ the software is able to perform. This is good customization.

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Automation Testing

Test automation is useful when there is a need to verify the behavior of the system without any manual intervention. Apart from this, test automation is useful in many scenarios as compared to manual testing.

Test automation is also very useful in generating complex and voluminous seed test data, monitoring of database states or other data structure states at different stages of algorithm execution. It is also helpful in parallel execution of test cases locally or remotely without manual intervention, and for immediate verification upon build formation and automated notification of results.

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