Mridul KaushikDirector and Head of Strategy & Business Development


An instructional designer by heart, Mridul tends to find the better ways of representation in everything she comes across based on the value it brings to the audience profile. The immense dedication, and will to deliver the objective, Mridul is very focused and committed individual. Embarking the journey to start her organization and learning the business way of delivering intellectual capital solutions, she also learnt to manage the Strategy and Business Development for the organization and lead it from the front. This ensures that while it is business, it stays on-track to providing the right solution to the client.

Mridul has a double Masters in Business Administration along with in Education Technology which brings the perspective of Learning, HR, and Training Solutions amalgamated with the Business as a top layer.

Mridul gives credit to her mentors for shaping up her career and takes pride in furthering the knowledge to her team and colleagues, while creating value for her clients and shareholders or investors. Through her career of 16 years of creating learning solutions, defining training needs and delivery modes and models, and having worked single-handedly for some of the key accounts and technologies like Salesforce, Microsoft technologies, Testing and Automation tools, Hewlett Packard and BEA Products etc, she has been pivotal for successfully delivering programs and has collected accolades from her clients, peers and mentors alike.

Besides, being an avid paper crafts fan and creating exquisite models and modern art, Mridul likes to spend time with her family and her young one.

Contact us for any queries related to your e-learning, training or hiring requirements.

Contact us for any queries related to your e-learning, training or hiring requirements.