Localization / Translation

Do you want to increase the reach of your content to a worldwide audience? Localization and translation of your content can help your business achieve this goal.

But imagine that you need your content to be accessible to people across the globe in 30 international languages. Now, you need to hire 30 foreign language experts to get the content translated and perhaps even get it localized. You need to coordinate with them, negotiate the price and delivery timelines, and get the content checked for accuracy. That’s a lot on your plate!

Here’s a simple solution! Just let us know about your localization and translation needs, and we’ll get it done for you, minus the hassle!

Localization Translation-01

At ZISPL, we provide localization and translation services for e-learning courses, videos, apps, computer software, and lots more.

With our services, you do not have to worry about hiring and coordinating with multiple language translators. We’ll do all these tasks for you and deliver your content error free in the international languages of your choice. Your business will reap the benefits while we do all the hard work. Interested to know how?

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