Executive Placements / Hiring

So you have been asked to oversee the hiring of some highly skilled workers? But not sure where to begin? If you have done recruitment before, you’d know that it’s not an easy job. You first shortlist the resumes. Then try to fix an interview with the candidates. If the candidate turns up for interview, they may not pass the test! What then? And if they pass the test and interview, will they join? Is the compensation you are offering good enough for them? Will they join on the date they commit? Recruitment can be a tedious and painful process!

This is where we can help. At ZISPL, we have 25+ years of experience in hiring and executive placements. You can outsource all your hiring requirements to us, while you focus on developing your business! Whether you need entry level executives or top management resources, we can help you build up the dream team for your organization. We help to bridge the industry gap by scouting for talented individuals and connecting them with growing businesses. Our hiring services cover IT and non-IT professionals too.

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