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Over the years, ABC Ltd. has opened offices at 10 different locations around the world. The organization is spreading its wings and aims to increase its presence worldwide.

Gabriella, the head of the L&D department, is now facing tremendous challenges to impart the same quality of training to all its employees across locations.

While sometimes the trainer is not enough knowledgeable, sometimes there is a language barrier, as a lot of its employees are non-native English speakers.

E-learning courses and learning videos are the best solution when it comes to provide consistent learning across locations. But Gabriella and her team specialize in imparting trainings, not e-learning/video creation.

That’s when ZISPL and it’s team of e-learning experts and video specialists come to the rescue! With 25+ years of experience in creating e-learning courses of different levels and for a variety of domains, the e-learning team at ZISPL brings on board professional solutions that a traditional L&D department may not have.

Through e-learning courses and videos, ZISPL delivers learning content to various industries and creates custom courses to address several business problems.

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