We often come across clients who decide that they need classroom training, whereas just a simple e-learning course would have done the job, or vice versa. A number of factors should be kept in mind to select the right mode of learning. This entirely depends on the target audience, their style of learning, and how they want to learn.

ZISPL provides e-learning solutions through different modes of learning, depending on your business need. We can partner with you to do a training needs analysis so as to find out the learning mode that best suits the target learners. No matter which mode of learning is preferred, you’ll be delighted at every step you work with us.

Meet Noah, a trainer at ABC Ltd. He has been conducting classroom trainings for the employees of ABC Ltd. on a regular basis. Over the years, new people have joined the organization, but they seem to be reluctant to attend Noah’s classes. What could be the problem?

When Noah approached us, we quickly did an evaluation of his classroom trainings and found out that the younger batch of employees do not find his trainings engaging enough and prefer to dropout at the first opportunity.

We helped Noah by creating interesting ILT materials and presentations that appeal to the younger crowd at ABC Ltd. and keep the older employees hooked too. As a result, ABC Ltd. is reaping the benefits of Noah’s trainings as they are able to have better job satisfaction, higher employee retention, and increased productivity at work.

At ZISPL, we believe in continuously playing with our creative and problem-solving minds to come up with amazing products and services to boost learning in the classroom.

  • The age-old relation of teachers and students has evolved over the years.
  • We take it a step further with innovative curriculum design.

If you are looking for interesting ideas for the classroom, connect with our representatives today!