Let’s meet Siam and Yana. Siam loves attending classroom training’s, whereas Yana feels distracted in a classroom. She learns best when studying alone. Siam listens attentively to the trainer and remembers everything taught.

Yana, on the other hand, takes notes and doodles while she reads. We can clearly see that Siam and Yana have different styles of learning. But the challenge here is that they are both employees of ABC Ltd. and are provided with the same training solutions.

We know that what works for Siam does not work for Yana. This is where the blended training solution provided by ZISPL helped ABC Ltd. to provide training to both Siam and Yana.

Blended learning is a wonderful combination of traditional teaching mode and use of technology. At ZISPL, we provide flexible delivery solutions and modes of learning to help you achieve a personalized training experience for your employees. Research in the field of educational psychology shows that learners can be categorized as visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic learners.

At ZISPL, we understand that learners often use multiple styles of learning, sometimes having preference for a particular style. We keep the learning style preferences of the learners in mind to provide innovative learning solutions.

If you are interested to know how we can use blended learning to solve business problems, get in touch with us today!