Training Solutions: Mode

Training Solutions : Mode

Are you confused about which training mode would be the best for your employees?

Training can be imparted in a number of ways. If you are not sure which mode of training will suit your target audience, we can also help you with the selection of the training mode depending on your business needs and the budget.

The training mode we propose would be suitable for the learners in your organization, depending on their style of learning and preferred way to learn.


ABC Ltd. cannot afford to send its employees for training outside its premises due to the information security compliance. They need trainers on their premises. When ZISPL got involved with the training plan of ABC Ltd., we jointly decided to go ahead with the on-premise training option for employees. Thus, we helped the organization follow compliance.

We provide our manpower to deliver the required training or services at your doorstep, giving you complete control and validation over the process.

Remotely Using Collaboration Platforms

Training employees can be a challenging task and sometimes organizing classroom training is expensive too. So, what is the solution for your organization? Should you entirely give up on training your employees due to technical or budgetary constraints? Not at all!

When you partner with us for your training needs, we’ll help you reap benefits of our smoothly designed automated systems, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world for remote training purposes. It solves the purpose of training, without making additional substantial investments in infrastructure and manpower training.


Let us know your business problem, we’ll help you with our training solutions.

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