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HR Solutions

Organizations are finding it hard to attract, foster, and hold the right kind of talent ensuring its growth. ZISPL provides an extensive range of HR Solutions across various domains to enrich the success of your organization. Our customized HR Solutions are formulated based on organization needs, and our services are designed to make a difference to HRM through our unique methodologies.

HR Solutions such as placement and HR processes are essential to the success of any organization. At ZISPL, we specialize in both. If high employee turnover or finding the right fit for your organization is your pain point, then we are here to help with our specialized services. Our team of HR consultants have 25+ years of experience in recruitment solutions and HR processes.

HR Solutions: Service Offering

  • Executive Placements / Hiring

Hiring is an ongoing process and it’s quite complex process to handle. Would you rather focus on building your business or spend time on searching for talents which is quite time consuming. Building business is much more exciting and we can support in managing the placements and hiring requirements for all levels of your organization and at the same pace of your business growth.

  • HR Process Outsourcing

We are here to help you with all sorts of HR Process management remotely, from leave, attendance, payroll processing to policies and performance management. At ZISPL, our team of HR professionals have 25+ years of experience in this field. You can be rest assured that your HR processes are in the right hands. We are platform agnostic and can take on the support using your organization’s solutions or can propose our solutions. Connect with us today to learn more on how we can help!

Executive Placements / Hiring

So you have been asked to oversee the hiring of some highly skilled workers? But not sure where to begin? If you have done recruitment before, you’d know that it’s not an easy job. You first shortlist the resumes. Then try to fix an interview with the candidates. If the candidate turns up for interview, they may not pass the test! What then? And if they pass the test and interview, will they join? Is the compensation you are offering good enough for them? Will they join on the date they commit? Recruitment can be a tedious and painful process!

This is where we can help. At ZISPL, we have 25+ years of experience in hiring and executive placements. You can outsource all your hiring requirements to us, while you focus on developing your business! Whether you need entry level executives or top management resources, we can help you build up the dream team for your organization. We help to bridge the industry gap by scouting for talented individuals and connecting them with growing businesses. Our hiring services cover IT and non-IT professionals too.

HR Process Outsourcing

Are you spending a lot of time on HR process transactions and administration? Would you rather focus more on business development? Are you worried about budgetary constraints?

Well, zKonsult is here to provide you with professional HR process services and that too within your budget. With 25+ years of experience in serving clients from various domains, our team has the right professional skills to provide you with seamless HR services. The time and money we help you save can be invested on developing your business strategy.

Leave Attendance

Is it a nightmare for you to track leaves? You need to know who is entitled to which leave and whether the leave policy has been followed or not. Mind you that payroll errors can create confusion and dissatisfaction among your employees. Why take a risk by doing it the traditional way?

At ZISPL, we provide HR software solutions which can help to improve your HR functions. The ERP solutions we provide automate the leave and attendance processes in your organization. We can also provide you with customized attendance solutions for your business.

If you want to make the leave and attendance process in your organization seamless, contact our business representatives today.


Meet Juan, an HR executive at ABC Ltd. He spends two weeks calculating payroll. He has two more people helping him out. Isn’t it a waste of time and resources, when Juan can do all this alone in 2-3 days with just few mouse clicks? What would you prefer?

Yes, all organizations want to save time and money spent by automating tasks such as payroll calculation. ZISPL offers you software solutions in which you can integrate the leave and attendance system with the finance functions to calculate salaries of your employees. We provide cloud-based services which are accessible through mobile applications too.

This will give your HR staff ample time to focus on other important tasks they are assigned with. While you outsource the day-to-day tedious administrative processes to us, you can enjoy more time to attend to more important business needs.

Contact us today to know about our payroll services.

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